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gefördert durch Mittel der Europäischen Union und dem Land Berlin / funded by the european union and the city of Berlin

Build student communities with highest flexibility

Build student community around purpose not textbook

The education landscape today is rapidly becoming more internationalized and collaborative, with the conventional Learning Management Systems (LMS) struggling to fulfill all requirements.

Easy control visibility, access and resources

Effortlessly manage visibility, streamline access, and efficiently allocate resources and sharing contents.

Make your organization more discoverable

Enhance your organization’s discoverability and accessibility akin to social media, eliminating the need to navigate through countless URLs.


Combine LMS, communication, content and cohort management in one intuitively designed platform.

Leveraging AI for Good

ChatGPT quality chatbot filled with your knowledge

You have the ability to allocate purpose-built chatbots to your communities, integrating them with your resources to craft a distinctive AI assistant for your students.

Worried about AI generated content? We can help!

Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing traditional evaluation methods, assisting you in adopting innovative assessments to better identify AI-generated content, or aiding both you and your students in collaborating effectively with AI.

User Testimonials

Dr. Tania Becker

TU Berlin

StudyCentral’s user-friendly layout, the ability to easily upload and access large materials, and the seamless engagement have been highly valued by both me and my students.

Laura Primo

TU Madrid

StudyCentral made student admin tasks for my collaboration cohort much easier compared to Moodle. I look forward to using it everyday.

Dr. Helena Obendiek

HTWG Konstanz

StudyCentral helped reduce the administrative workload and complexity in international teaching significantly.

Adam Formanek

BHT Berlin Innovation Hub

StudyCentral provided the BHT Startup Hub an effective way to organize different incubation programs and our startup cohorts, track the startup’s progress and advise the teams. Using the platform’s communication channels and collaborative features was an engaging experience for the whole program and an effective way for an easy peer-to-peer communication.

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